TimePilot offers advanced, inexpensive, secure time and attendance systems and door and cabinet locks, all of which feature the revolutionary iButton. In our timeclock systems, key-sized iButtons are used to identify employees and stop "buddy punching." The systems record payroll data instantaneously, cutting payroll processing time drastically and eliminating math errors, a common cause of employee over- or underpayment.

Extreme Blue

TimePilot Extreme Blue is a weatherproof, rugged time and attendance system designed for smaller organizations.

Employees clock in and clock out by tapping their house-key sized iButton to the clock. When it's time for payroll, a supervisor can download the clock-in and clock-out data right into the free TimePilot app using Bluetooth wireless technology built into their Apple or Android smartphone and the Extreme Blue clock.

Extreme Blue Brochure (PDF)


Extreme Blue Enhanced

The Extreme Blue Enhanced system is intended for larger organizations or those with multiple worksites.

It also includes the easy-to-use TimePilot Central Enterprise Edition PC software.

Extreme Blue Enhanced allows supervisors to send the data collected by their clocks to headquarters via the web. On the TimePilot Central software at a headquarters computer, you can create and print reports and export your employee work hours to the top payroll software and services.

Extreme Blue Enhanced Starter Kit Brochure (PDF)



Tap+ goes where other portable timeclocks are afraid to go.

The durable, battery-powered Tap+ is small enough and light enough to slip into a pocket or fit in a toolbox. It's also perfectly comfortable as a desktop timeclock.

But like its older brothers from TimePilot, it frees you from the time-consuming and error-prone task of calculating employee hours from timecards each week. And because timecards are a thing of the past, TimePilot Tap+ also prevents their alteration, as well as discouraging “buddy-punching.”



Vetro has more than looks going for it: It also has the same qualities all TimePilot products have: ease of use, flexibility, power and durability.

When TimePilot Vetro isn't in use, all you see on the sleek black touchscreen is the time and date.

Touch the face of the clock or an iButton to one of the probes, and immediately the backlit blue keypad lights up.

If you're using iButtons, you're instantly clocked in or out; if you're using a four-digit ID number to clock in or out, just enter the number and touch the "IN" or OUT" button.


TimePilot PC

TimePilot PC is our completely software-based time and attendance system.

Employees use their mouse to clock in and out by clicking the image of the timeclock on the computer screen.

The product comes in two versions: one with a single-seat license and another with five seat licenses. A single-seat license means that the timeclock software can be installed on only one computer; five seat licenses means the timeclock software can be installed on up to five computers. Additional licenses—allowing the software to be installed on more computers—are available and inexpensive. 


With TimePilot's CrossOver iButton locks and AccessPilot software, you can:

  • Operate locks with just a touch using rugged, secure iButtons.
  • Use a single iButton as a key for multiple locks.
  • Add and delete users for multiple locks in seconds—no need to call a locksmith.
  • Set locks to unlock and lock automatically at certain times of day.
  • Restrict users from operating the locks by day or by time.
  • Track who used the lock and when they used it.
  • Install locks without wiring: They're battery powered.