Product Knowledge
Knowledge is crucial to any successful sales representative. TDSC is dedicated to training our customers and their sales staff so they can maximize the sales and profitability of the product lines we represent.

Sell Through
Sell through is one of the most important elements of our role.  Increasing the exposure of our manufacture's brands to the end user is crucial to the overall success of our customers and manufactures.  We are always focused on driving sell thru, and ensuring that turns and profitability are maximized.

Merchandising a show room allows us to keep a clean and professional presence for our product lines, in all customers' facilities. Merchandising also helps us to ensure our products are visible and in stock, so no opportunities are missed.


Outside Sales Support
Working with our customers sales team, doing ride along & end user sales calls, helps to build rapport and create enthusiasm about our products.  It also helps us to gain critical market intelligence which we can bring back to the companies we represent, and keep them well informed about the trends and status of the markets we serve.

Web Site Review and Guidance
In the changing marketplace, the Internet is increasingly important to our customers.  We recognize the need to continually review our customers web site's to make sure they are up to date & accurate, as well as offer suggestions to drive continuous improvement.

Market Expertise
It's our role to be aware of products, pricing, and trends in the industry, and to help our customers and manufacturers to be aware of these trends and stay ahead of them.  We recognize we're an important source of information about end user needs for our manufacturers, as well as the primary source of product knowledge for our dealers and distributors. 


Third Party Logistics