Since 1956, Raaco has developed and manufactured innovative, streamlined and space-saving storage systems for use in industry and by professional craftspeople the world over.

Raaco’s systems are made to create order. With the full Raaco range of practical solutions, everything and anything can be organized and stored for easy access – small items, tools, equipment and accessories. It makes your everyday work a lot easier, and it saves you time, space and money.

Watch the Raaco CarryLite get run over by a tank and not suffer any damage:


Top Seller

Top Seller

raaco Assorter

The Assorter assortment boxes are a series of handy boxes that are easy to take with you anywhere. The boxes’ practical partitioning means that the contents can be sorted and stored in a minimum of space.

The Assorter series consists of 12 boxes of various heights, widths and depths. The base is made of robust polypropylene plastic, while the lid is of transparent plastic, allowing the contents to be easily identified. At the front, the boxes are equipped with a sliding latch that keeps the lid securely closed, while the rear side is equipped with strong external hinges that gives the boxes extra strength.

The boxes come in two variants, with either fixed compartments to cover basic storage needs, or removable inserts that provide great flexibility.



raaco’s Tool Taco system is designed for those who will not settle for next best. The traditional toolbox has been transformed into a well-thought-out system with great flexibility and a sporty design that will give you years of good service.

Good craftsmen deserve the best - and you get that with the Tool Taco System. The system gives you the freedom to customize your own toolbox and modify it as necessary. This makes the Taco Tool System your indispensable companion in your daily work.

The range of accessories includes pockets, holders and boxes that make it easy to keep track of tools and small parts. You can also use the Tool Fix tool holder as a space organizer, to create order and clarity in your Tool Taco toolbox. Simply t the accessory with clips or Velcro, and you’re ready to go.


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