Cor-Form is a proprietary sheet metal design that acts as a concrete form to easily and efficiently assist in the infill of unwanted core holes. Designed and manufactured in New Hampshire, this revolutionary floor repair product is the first of its kind on the market and is 100% made in the USA. The days of coordinating with tenants below your project, covering desks, and cleaning up are over! Cor-Form is the perfect solution for infilling core holes and can be installed in as little as a few minutes.

The old way of traditionally filling core holes are over as Cor-Form presents a better alternative. One of the most impressive and efficient concrete repair products on the market, this sheet metal form lets you fill in holes in a few simple steps.

The Cor-Form measurement is based on the size of the hole intended to be filled. In other words, a 4" Cor-Form is required to fit in a 4" hole in the floor. The actual dimension of the center circle of the Cor-Form will measure 1/8" less than the actual diameter of the hole. This will allow for a little play so that the installer is not fighting to get the base pushed down into the hole. The straps that are to be bent vertically measure 3 1/2" and should not end up deeper than the average floor depth. If the top of the strap ends up at or slightly below the level of the floor, this will allow for the correct depth and for easy floor prep if necessary. Finally, the holes at the end of each strap are intended to receive a concrete anchor. Each hole measures 3/16" and will allow for multiple different size and type concrete anchors.